"...during the dream ballet sequence. That, by the way, was danced well — as were all the ensemble numbers..."

-Matt Palm

 Orlando Sentinel

Alaric received a KCACTF Irene Ryan nomination for their portrayal of Ko Ko in Hot Mikado. They were a semi-finalist at the competition in Spartanburg SC

They were also nominated for their choreography for Oklahoma! at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center in 2017.

In the same production, they were also the dance captain, Will Parker u/s, and Dream Curly.

"...a tremendous group of students through this literally breathtaking tap number that is as funny as it is impressive. Though the rest of the run is sold out, this number in and of itself is worth paying top dollar to see...

What stands out with this cast, from principals to ensemble, is that everyone appears to simply be having fun. Clearly a substantial amount of work has gone, and continues to go, into the production, but every cast member seems to be having the time of his or her life."

-Matt Tamanini

 Broadway World 

"...Rivera takes advantage of the incredible talent and technique of the cast, and provides us with moments of jazz, line dance, and even ballroom styles! "

-Kelli McGurk

 Broadway World


"The University of Central Florida produced a “Mass” that both stirred the spirit and touched the heart...

Choreography by Alaric Frinzi... complemented the eclectic nature of the music — everything from hymns to full-on rock — with an energizing pastiche of classical and contemporary styles. (Was that a touch of Madonna’s “Vogue”? A nod to a Ukrainian tropak?)"

-Matt Palm 

 Orlando Sentinel

Make sure to sign up for one of the dance classes Alaric is teaching this semester at Songbirds Music, Art, and Dance Center


"In a wig that looks as though Liza Minelli lost a tussle with a blow-dryer, Alaric Frinzi shines as Ko-Ko, the would-be executioner. He’s comically fey, self-important and bewildered, and his use of vocal tricks for humorous effect..."

-Orlando Sentinel

Get into the holiday spirit at the Garden Theatre's production of Michael Wilson's A Christmas Carol dir. Jeremy Seghers where Alaric will be playing the Ghost of Christmas Past.

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